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Hotel (Créditos de foto: THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku)

Ubicado justo al lado del gran parque central de Shinjuku, THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku es un moderno hotel boutique con fácil acceso a la cercana estación de Shinjuku y al santuario Meiji. El edificio del hotel de 14 pisos fue renovado y reabierto en agosto de 2018 como THE KNOT TOKYO Shinjuku .



4 Chome-31-1 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0023 Japan (Direcciones)

Número telefónico



  • Wi-fi gratis


  • Restaurant
  • Cafe


  • Room Service
  • Designated smoking areas
  • Luggage storage

Hotel class

  • 3-star hotel

Language support

  • English
  • Japanese

Payment Method

  • Pay by cash
  • Se aceptan tarjetas de crédito

Cómo llegar

4-minute walk from Subway Oedo Line Tochomae Station (A5 Exit)

14-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station (West Exit)

12-minute walk from Subway Marunouchi Line Nishi-shinjuku Station (Exit #2)

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BnA Hotel

BnA Hotel

With Koenji being a "creative town" it's no surprise that the BnA Hotel opened there in 2016 and has had, subsequently, an incredible impact on the local community. BnA (Bed and Art) has other spaces dotted about Tokyo and Kyoto, but the Koenji edition is possibly more immersive as the concept is "stay in an artwork." In collaboration with local artists, the BnA has created an impressive multi-storey art experiment for art lovers and creatives with a desire to inhabit art. The first floor acts as a front desk and bar which comes alive at night with events and selected DJs. It also hosts Masu Masu onigiri cafe with artists being asked to come and exchange artwork with each other in a gesture which reflects the true spirit of Koenji. With two "living art" twin rooms taking up the second and third floors designed by a seasonal rotation of local artists, guests can engage with and inhabit their art rooms. BnA Koenji also plays host to a rooftop lounge and a basement space which is used for artists residencies where their work is shown to the public and a DJ booth and streaming equipment for live performances. With live painting events and an eclectic variety of regular events, the BnA Hotel becomes, itself, a living canvas. The BnA believes that it's a machigata hotel, meaning that guests should (and are encouraged) to interact with Koenji. Use the public sentos, eat in the local restaurants that surround the hotel and buy locally from the multitude of shops, market stalls, bars and cafes which make-up the fabric of Koenji. Feted by international press such as The Guardian, BnA acts as a creative network with the concept of serendipity being discussed as the bar becomes an ad hoc meeting place where collaborations and friendships between artists and locals are born. The BnA was also instrumental in a street art festival named MCP (Mural City Project) which was supported by Suginami Ward. MCP was incredibly ambitious and truly communal with the desire to transform and coalesce the community through the creation of public murals. The BnA, Koenji and Suginami spearheaded a public art movement which should be commended and replicated throughout Tokyo.

Tokio A 3.9 km
Oakwood Premier Tokyo

Oakwood Premier Tokyo

Oakwood Premier Tokyo comes from a brand of standout luxury hotel & service apartments right at the heart of the Tokyo metropolis. It is located in the business hub of Marunouchi with JR Tokyo Station in close proximity. This will allow guests and travelers to easily access the city's extensive transport network and visit various landmarks such as Imperial Palace, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ginza and Shopping District. Boasting 123 luxurious apartments on the upper floors of a multi-serviced complex, each room offers a magnificent view of the city, not to mention all furnished and a fully-equipped kitchen set which is rarely seen in your everyday service apartment. Without doubt, these spacious tranquil retreats are curated to give you the amenities and services of a luxury hotel and a feeling of home. They are good options for both business executives and leisure travelers from one night of a short-stay to a few weeks/months of mid-to-long-term stay.

Tokio A 7 km


Música, arte, buena comida, variedad y creatividad son omnipresentes en Nohga Hotel Akihabara Tokyo. La propiedad pone gran énfasis en una experiencia relajada dentro de las habitaciones con equipo de audio de alta calidad y arte contemporáneo. Los huéspedes también reciben muchos consejos en la recepción 24 horas sobre cómo explorar el área local para sumergirse por completo en la cultura japonesa. En el restaurante del hotel se pueden degustar ingredientes japoneses de temporada. La cocina también se mezcla con elementos españoles e italianos y por lo tanto ofrece una experiencia de sabor única. También hay una zona de bar y un área con una cocina abierta donde podrá relajarse. Aquellos que prefieran que sea más extenuante pueden ejercitarse en el gimnasio del complejo. Los puntos de interés populares cerca del Nohga Hotel Akihabara Tokyo incluyen el Santuario Koobu Inari y el Templo Yushima Seido. El aeropuerto más cercano es el Aeropuerto Internacional de Tokio Haneda, a 29 km del hotel.

Tokio A 8 km
Mame Shiba Cafe Harajuku

Mame Shiba Cafe Harajuku

Mame Shiba Cafe offers a unique experience where you can interact with Shiba dogs while enjoying your favorite drinks. You cannot make reservations in advance through phone or online, so it is best to book early in the morning at a store. The cafe requires customers to make a reservation in-store, present their receipt at the reserved time, and then enter the cafe.

Tokio A 2.5 km
Clouds Art + Coffee

Clouds Art + Coffee

Situated a few minutes stroll from the north exit of JR Koenji Station, Clouds Art + Coffee is a simple affair reflecting the owners' passion for, well, art and coffee. Very chic and sparse, the space is compact with a fine selection of coffee from all over the world such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia and Brazil which makes it the perfect spot for Tokyo's legion of coffee addicts. The owners curate a healthy mix of artwork from local and international artists and the rotational exhibition system means that regular customers have the opportunity to see, firsthand, the best and most intriguing art from Koenji's thriving art community. There's no censorship at Clouds Art + Coffee and artists are encouraged to represent themselves and their work in a free manner and this means, essentially, that customers can view an eclectic and liberating amount of art hand in hand with some of the finest coffee in Koenji and Tokyo as a whole. Clouds Art + Coffee is, ostensibly, a hub and tryst for art and coffee lovers who come from far and wide to sample international coffee made from the finest beans and art from emerging and established artists.

Tokio A 3.9 km


Ramen has become a global cuisine over the past decade with ramen-ya popping up in cities all over the globe. Millions of visitors, however, flock to Japan every year to experience the real deal. Harukiya, located a few minutes from JR Ogikubo Station, is a Tokyo institution. Established in 1949 it is the originator of Tokyo-style ramen which uses niboshi (dried baby sardines) in its broth and has been serving up first-class soy sauce which hasn’t changed for more than 70 years and has, rightly, earned it a legion of devotees. Although Harukiya has a sister branch in nearby Kichijoji, the Ogikubo store is the original and takes great pride in creating its authentic Tokyo-style chuka soba as well as chashumen and wontonmen. The aroma from the ramen floats into the outside streets having a visible effect on the patrons who queue daily to get their hands on Harukiya’s mouth-watering ramen. Popular with Ogikubo residents and foreign ramen aficionados, Harukiya has a small, curated menu with toppings, cold noodles and a few side dishes which accompany the ramen. Harukiya has led the Tokyo ramen industry for generations and there’s a reason for this. The aromatic soy sauce ramen and hand made noodles which are freshly kneaded every morning have inspired ramen lovers and ramen chefs the world over and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

Tokio A 6 km
Shinjuku Central Park

Shinjuku Central Park

Take a break from the concrete skyscrapers of Shinjuku City at Shinjuku Central Park. This natural getaway is located in western Shinjuku and is the ward’s largest public park. The park is about a five-minute walk from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which offers stunning panoramas of Tokyo free of charge, and is a wonderful local spot to relax after observing the cityscape. Enjoy the balance of nature and urban life. The greenspace has a family-friendly atmosphere and is home to a number of outdoor facilities. Have picnics on the verdant lawns and go for a walk or jog along the park’s paths. It also features a skateboarding area, an exercise plaza, a man-made waterfall, an indoor bouldering wall, a yoga studio, a restaurant, public bathrooms, and more. For younger children, the park has playgrounds and a small wading pool. During the weekends, the area sometimes plays host to flea markets, so be sure to keep an eye out for lively happenings. The park is also a popular spot to admire seasonal nature. Enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangeas in summer, and fiery foliage in autumn.

Tokio A 3 minutos de distancia
Edificio del Gobierno Metropolitano de Tokio

Edificio del Gobierno Metropolitano de Tokio

El edificio del gobierno metropolitano de Tokio en el distrito de Shinjuku es el centro administrativo de la prefectura de Tokio. Es el tercer edificio más alto de la ciudad y es más conocido por su plataforma de observación gratuita en el piso 45, desde la que se puede ver el Monte Fuji y muchos otros puntos de referencia en un día despejado. El edificio gubernamental fue diseñado por el arquitecto Kenzo Tange y consta de tres partes separadas. La parte más conocida es la del Edificio del Gobierno Metropolitano de Tokio No. 1, que también es la parte más alta de ellos con unas torres gemelas de 243 metros de altura, la cual recuerda a una catedral gótica. El edificio del Gobierno Metropolitano de Tokio No. 2 está justo al lado y consiste en una construcción menos alta, pero más larga y en forma de escalera. La tercera parte consiste en el Edificio de la Asamblea Metropolitana de Tokio, que se encuentra al pie del No. 1 y en el que se ubica el salón de plenos semicircular. Cada una de las torres gemelas del edificio No.1 tiene un mirador de una altura de 202 metros, la cual se puede acceder de manera gratuita. Asimismo hay una tienda de recuerdos en esta torre y una gran oficina de información turística en el segundo piso del edificio.

Tokio A 5 minutos de distancia
Restaurante robot

Restaurante robot

El restaurante robot en el distrito de entretenimiento de Kabukicho Shinjuku ofrece una experiencia extraordinaria para aquellos que buscan algo realmente llamativo. No solo hay un lugar para comer y beber, sino que los huéspedes también se entretienen con un espectáculo diferente. Enormes robots teledirigidos, tambores rítmicos, láseres salvajes y bailarines enérgicos cuentan pequeñas historias, fuertemente inspiradas en la cultura y la tradición pop japonesa, en una especie de espectáculo de teatro compuesto por varios actos. Para convertirse parte de este espectaculo, puede animar a los artistas con las barras luminosas conocidas de los conciertos japoneses. Estos se pueden pedir prestados sin cargo o también puede traer los suyos.

Tokio A 1.4 km
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