Welcome to Daiso ダイソー Japan! This particular store is located in Mobara, Chiba. (Photo: Jessica A Paje)

Daiso “Dollar Store” in Photos

One-of-a-kind items you never knew you needed!

Jessica A Paje   - 1 minutos de lectura

I spy a large pink sign with kawaii goodies inside. Welcome to Daiso ダイソー Japan! A dollar discount store that delivers unique value; one-of-a-kind items that you never knew you actually needed. This particular shop is located in Chiba prefecture, so you can easily drive up and right into a free parking space. Very convenient if you end up walking out with loads of shopping bags in hand. Pricing is simple. If the item does not have a price tag, you bet it’s an amazingly low price of 100yen plus tax! True for hundreds on hand. Otherwise, pay 200-500yen.

Jessica A Paje

Jessica A Paje @jessica.paje

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