Iain Stanley

An Adventure to Udo's Cave Shrine

A cave shrine well off the beaten track

Iain Stanley   - 1 minutos de lectura

When people go to Miyazaki's Udo Jingu, most tend to go the main shrine. But if you veer off to the left before you get to the main shrine, there are a number of smaller shrines to view and forest paths you can take on your own adventure. One of them leads to a great little cave shrine where uncrowded, spiritual bliss awaits. There is a bit of climbing involved, but most reasonably fit people can manage it with ease. Enjoy this hidden gem and listen as the waves wash across the rocks. Serenity now!

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Iain Stanley

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Hi, my name is Iain. I was born in Sydney, developed through adventures round Asia and Europe, and refined and settled in Miyazaki, Japan. Through the Japan Travel site and my own website at https://www.iainstanley.com I try to show people what a beautiful place Miyazaki is. You have to look har...